Poetry #13 – All Unsaved Changes Will Be Lost

All Unsaved Changes Will Be Lost She moves the cursor to the upper right corner,searching until she finds the way out,that red cross that will free herand she prepares herself,steadies.The message comes, as she knew it would.‘All unsaved changes will be lost.’She knows it’s a warning(or perhaps a threat?)but within it,hidden under the layers of … Continue reading Poetry #13 – All Unsaved Changes Will Be Lost

Poetry #12 – The Tormentor’s Delight

The Tormentor’s Delight There’s a darkness below and only a cold expanse aboveand here I stand waitingbut lacking the wings of a dove.I share only my colour with that bird, become a symbol of peacefor a crippling sickness shakes my bodyand my life has been leasedto the cheapest of investors who holds me captive right … Continue reading Poetry #12 – The Tormentor’s Delight

Poetry #11 – Gardens of Ink

Gardens of Ink There’s a trend of lateThat drives people mad with green fingers.They sow and sit.They cut and clip.They admire and accentuate.Soon their rooms are aflood with plantsAnd their overhanging limbsLie like a trap across the floor. But the author’s brew is quite the contrary.Fingers are stained black by ink,Perhaps red with revisions,And they … Continue reading Poetry #11 – Gardens of Ink

Poetry #8 – Who is This Storm?

Who Is This Storm? Trapped in my room,My head remains confinedBut my eyes and mind,Longing to be free from their bindWander past the windowpaneAnd I watch the continual downpourOn the stone mountains across the fieldAs rain weathers rockRelentlessly reducing royalty to rubbleAs the minutes gently passAnd I watch the continual downpourOn the frostbitten fieldsWhich have … Continue reading Poetry #8 – Who is This Storm?